United States to deploy more armed forces to West Asia as tensions with Iran rise

Last Updated: Jun 18 2019 18:55
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On Monday, the United States dispatched more troops to West Asia further boosting its military buildup to growing alarm about another war in the region as it also sought to urge Iran to abide by its commitments to the international community on uranium enrichment.

Acting US defence secretary Patrick Shanahan said in a statement he was deploying 1,000 additional troops to the region “for defensive purposes to address air, naval, and ground-based threats”.

“The recent Iranian attacks validate the reliable, credible intelligence we have received on hostile behaviour by Iranian forces and their proxy groups that threaten United States personnel and interests across the region,” Shanahan said.

He was referring to the bombing of Japanese and Norwegian oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week, which the US has alleged was done by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“I would say that we are unfortunately not surprised by the Iranian announcement,” state department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus told reporters.

“We call on the Iranians not to obtain a nuclear weapon and to abide by the commitments that they’ve made to the international community,” she said.