Russian Navy conducts an exercise near NATO's BALTOPS 2019 drills

Last Updated: Jun 11 2019 15:48
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Russian Navy is conducting an exercise in close proximity to NATO's 47th annual Baltic Operations (BALTOPS 2019) naval exercise in Germany's Baltic Sea port of Kiel. Russia had already announced that that three of its warships from the Baltic Fleet will track the BALTOPS 2019 naval exercise.

According to Russia's Baltic Fleet press office, several naval groups comprising corvettes, small missile ships and an anti-submarine warfare vessel are in the Baltic Sea practice ranges for naval drills. The three warships - Stoikiy and Boikiy corvettes and Liven small missile ship - commanded to track BALTOPS 2019 are also taking part in the Russian naval exercise.

"As part of planned drills, the naval hunter-killer and surface action groups comprising the corvettes Boiky and Stoiky, the small missile ships Serpukhov, Zelyony Dol, Liven and Passat and the anti-submarine warfare ship Aleksin will hold a set of drills," the press office said in a statement.

"On 10 June 2019, with the aim of promptly reacting to possible emergency situations in the Baltic Sea, the Russian Baltic Fleet will carry out a series of measures on monitoring the joint NATO naval drills 'Baltops-2019'," the defence ministry said. Russian Baltic Fleet's warships, aircraft and Bastion coastal missile defence systems have been commanded to assume combat duty.