Avengers: Endgame used footage from Thor: The Dark World

Last Updated: May 16 2019 17:56
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HOLLYWOOD- Natalie Portman reportedly did not even need to set foot on the sets of Avengers: Endgame as the makers used never before seen footage from Thor: The Dark World for her cameo.

In Endgame, Portman aka Jane Foster appears for a brief moment when Thor time travels to the events of The Dark World movie to retrieve an infinity stone. The makers used previously shot footage to recreate the scenes.

According to "Endgame" coeditor Jeffrey Ford, "The shot of Loki throwing his cup in the cell and Thor and  Rocket sneak past him in the background, that’s a piece of digital negative taken from the dailies of “The Dark World” that we repurposed. The same for the scene of Natalie Portman.”

The only thing Portman had to do for Endgame was to do a little bit of voice over when she’s talking in the distance in the movie.