ISIS Bangladesh releases posters threatening to attack Bangladesh, India

Last Updated: May 01 2019 13:16
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On Tuesday, a Bengali Islamic State (IS/ISIS)-aligned media group released a poster threatening to carry out terror attacks in Bangladesh and India, stating that the terror group's thirst for revenge against you will never decrease.

The posters released by Al Mursalat in Bengali, English and Hindi names Abu Muhammad al-Bengali as the new leader or 'ameer' of ISIS Bangladesh.

The posters were released just a day after Islamic State`s media network published a video message from its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 

The 18-minute video from the Al Furqan network shows a bearded man with an appearance like Baghdadi and claiming that the recent Easter bombings in Sri Lanka were a response to the losses faced by the terror group in its last territorial stronghold of Baghouz in Syria.