Majority of Swedes with gambling addiction are women- Survey

Last Updated: Apr 04 2019 19:49
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For the very first time in history, the majority of Swedes with gambling addiction are women, as per the health authority's latest survey figures.

The report found there was no longer a gender gap among problem gamblers, of whom half were women.

And among the 45,000 people with a problem severe enough to be considered a gambling addiction, 64% were women.

That is up from just 18% in 2015 - with the surge widely being attributed to the increase in online gambling.

According to the public health agency, the number of women with a gambling problem had been increasing over the past 10 years.

Ulla Romild, the investigator behind the report, said that despite the drop in overall numbers, it was "worrying" that serious problems were increasing "and that we see an increase among women".