Ethiopian Airlines 737 crash report expected on Thursday- Sources

Last Updated: Apr 04 2019 17:55
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On Thursday, Ethiopian officials are expected to release preliminary conclusions in the investigation of last month's crash of a Boeing 737 that claimed lives of 157 people, two sources told AFP on Wednesday.

The report on the March 10 crash on the Ethiopian Airlines plane could be published late on Thursday morning in Ethiopia, which would be in the middle of the night in the continental United States, said the sources close to the investigation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Aviation regulators around the world grounded Boeing's 737 MAX last month following the Ethiopian Airways crash, which came less than five months after an October Lion Air crash that claimed lives of 189 people.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that pilots on the doomed Ethiopian plane initially followed emergency steps outlined by Boeing but still could not regain control.

A second shot showed the Boeing chief exiting the aircraft at Boeing Field in Washington state.

“The flight crew performed different scenarios that exercised various aspects of the software changes to test failure conditions,” the company said. “The software update worked as designed and the pilots landed safely at Boeing Field.”