Afghan troops killed and captured in Taliban attacks

Last Updated: Mar 18 2019 11:19
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Afghan officials on March 17 reported setbacks for government security forces in northwestern and northern parts of the country.

Head of a provincial council, Mohammad Tahir Rahmani said, the insurgents launched the attack near checkpoints manned by police and pro-government militias in Qaisar district, setting off a fierce gun battle that went on till morning.

Jamshid Shahabi, a spokesman for Badghis’s provincial governor, put the casualty toll for government forces at 16 killed and 20 wounded during the past week.

Shahabi confirmed that a number of Afghan troops tried to flee but did not provide an exact figure.

The Taliban spokesman claimed in a tweet that Taliban fighters overran a government base and checkpoint in Qaisar.

The Taliban claim 21 soldiers and militiamen, known locally as arbaki were killed. The Taliban said their bodies were left on the battlefield.

The Taliban have stepped up attacks in recent weeks, even as it has been holding direct negotiations with the United States aimed at ending the 17-year war.