Islamophobia post 9/11 responsible for New Zealand's mosque attack- Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Last Updated: Mar 15 2019 19:25

ISLAMABAD- On Friday, Pakistani PM, Imran Khan said that increasing "Islamophobia" after the 9/11 terror attacks in the US was responsible for the attack on two mosques in New Zealand that killed at least 49 worshippers.

"Strongly condemning" the terror attack on the mosques in New Zealand, Prime Minister Khan tweeted: "This reaffirms what we have always maintained: that terrorism does not have a religion. Prayers go to the victims and their families."

At least 49 people lost their lives in the attacks on the Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch and the Linwood Mosque in the city's outer suburb, in what appeared to be the worst attack on Muslims in a western country.

Khan said that increasing Islamophobia after 9/11 was responsible for this act of terror and Muslims were demonised deliberately.

"I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 where Islam & 1.3 bn Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror by a Muslim. This has been done deliberately to also demonise legitimate Muslim political struggles," he tweeted.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also condemned the terrorist attack in New Zealand in the strongest terms.

He "expressed condolences over the loss of innocent lives in the heinous attack."