Lake Como Is The Biggest Celeb-Approved Destination

Last Updated: Mar 07 2019 17:11
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Famous poet P.B. Shelly also felt in love with this lake and praised about Lake Como in its poetry – “This Lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty.” 

Lake Como, or Lago di Como in Italian, is undoubtedly Italy’s most popular lake – and it’s held that title since long before the exceptionally hunky Mr George Clooney bought his house on the shore of the lake.

This lake originated from glacier has an upside-down Y shape surrounded by wooded hills, snow-clad Alps, and quaint Italian towns which are considered to be the deepest lake in Europe. Lake Como is not only the most popular tourist destination of Italy but it attracts A-lister celebrities, Hollywood personalities, and aristocrats from all over the world. 

There are lots of reasons Lago di Como is incredibly popular, not least being its stunning views and gorgeous water. The towns which dot the lake’s shores are picturesque and charming, and each one of them feels like it could be home to any number of the rich and famous set.

Lake Como has residences/historical villas of many celebrities like George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone and Richard Branson, Madonna etc.

These are some of the better-known towns on Lake Como:

Bellagio – Bellagio is a beautiful little photogenic town located on the intersection of 3 branches of Y shaped lake. It is known for historic and charming promenades, gardens, Villa Serbelloni, and Villa Metsi.

Como – Located on southern end of Lake, it is the main city of all towns on the shore of Lake Como.  We made Lake Como as our base and stayed here in the lakeside hotel. Lake Como city is famous from ancient times for its 14th century Duomo, built according to Gothic & Renaissance styles.

Tremezzo – Like the other towns on this list, Tremezzo is primarily known as a lakeside resort town. It lies on the western side of Lake Como near Menaggio, and across from Bellagio.

Varenna– A very small town located on the eastern shore of Lake Como is a very peaceful, relaxed and beautiful place.  There is a medieval castle with lush green gardens in this town. 

Lake Como is basically for those who love the countryside, cobbled street quaint towns, view of colourful houses on slopes of Alps, peaceful, relaxed and laid back lifestyle.