Goa Carnival Festival-2019

Last Updated: Mar 03 2019 12:09

The carnival festivities kicked off in Goa with a colourfully-decorated float parade passing through the state capital on Saturday evening.

Quick Facts

Celebrated in: Goa

Capital: Panaji

Festival Time: February

Duration: 3 Days

Presided by: King Momo

Highlights: Colourful processions and healthy ambience totted by great fun and frolic

There would be no doubt in your mind by now that Goa Carnival is the most awaited event in the state.

You can get this from the fact that preparations start in December to make the carnival a roaring success! Music, dance and entertainment are the shining features of the carnival and along with these, there are plays of a short length which portray the Goan traditions and culture very beautifully.

During the Carnival, you can see lots of traditional things: Goan art, short plays, Goan culture, food, music, etc. The final day of the festivities is the most spectacular. Try not to miss the famous red-and-black dance held by the Clube Nacional in Panjim.

As the people of Goa use this event to clean their kitchens, everyone dines out. The eateries are open all night during the Carnival. In the olden times, people attending the Carnival would smear each other with eggs, fruits, flour, etc.

The festival, which involves public celebration in form of long parades of colourful floats, with masqueraded dancers, is led by King Momo, the king of carnival.

King Momo is usually a locally-chosen dignitary who is given a symbolic key to the city and formally announces the festivities open.

Entry to Goa Carnival

There are no entry tickets for the carnival and you just have to come and take part in the celebrations. Everyone is invited with open arms to join in and revel in the four days of exhilaration and unmatched exuberance.

Being a blend of the local as well as the Portuguese culture, this Goa Carnival is known for spreading joy and happiness. Doses of Feni along with the different kinds of sumptuous local food just add on to the fun of the carnival.