WhatsApp 'Advanced Search' Feature Coming Soon to iPhone Users

Last Updated: Mar 02 2019 15:41
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A new 'Advanced Search' feature will now reportedly be available to all iOS beta app users in a future update.

The Advanced Search feature will also show recent searches, and this feature will trickle down to Android users, eventually.

The 'Advanced Search' feature will reportedly allow users to search multiple types of messages and you will search for photos, gifs, videos, documents, and even audio.

 If you tap on Photos, WhatsApp will open all photos shared in all groups and chats in a list format. The search result will also include a preview, so you avoid opening the search result to see it. This result can then be filtered further by typing more keywords in the search bar.

The new advanced search feature also reports your search history, and it also comes with an option to clear all of those recent searches.