Bansal slams PPP model, says there is a dire need to strengthen health and education infrastructure

Last Updated: Feb 12 2019 18:20
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While the Chandigarh Administration is considering handing over some government schools to top private school managements on the public-private partnership (PPP) mode, the move has been strongly criticised by Former Union Minister and Congress leader Pawan Kumar Bansal.

Pawan Bansal who is the top contender of Congress seat from Chandigarh has started campaigning and is taking up various crucial issues of the city. Bansal has opposed the proposal to hand over government school buildings and dispensaries to private agencies for running them on public-private partnership (PPP) model.

Bansal said the PPP was intended to use private goods for public good and not public goods for private good. He also asserted that there is a dire need to think on the lines of improving the health and education infrastructure as they are the two most primary responsibilities of the state. It shall be noted that the proposal for the PPP model in Education would be discussed at a meeting of the Administrator’s Advisory Council, scheduled for February 14. The sources said a few school buildings were available for being run through public or private managements on the PPP mode. The views of the council had been sought on the issue.