Go Yellow: Vaastu Reasons why we wear Yellow on Basant Panchmi

Last Updated: Feb 10 2019 11:12
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Basant Panchami marks the beginning of spring in the country and this year it will be observed on February 10.

The day is also dedicated to the goddess of knowledge, arts and music, Saraswati, who is worshipped on this day.

Saraswati Puja is more popular in Bengal, Odisha and North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

It is believed that on worshipping the goddess, she may bestow similar gifts on her devotees.

Basant Panchami also marks the start of preparation for Holika and Holi, which occurs 40 days later.

1-Why is Basant Panchami all about Yellow

We have seen people wearing Yellow sarees, carrying yellow flowers on Basant Panchami and science says it does have an inner meaning.

At the same time, it is also said that on the day of Basant Panchami, there is a Sun Uttaran. Whose yellow rays symbolize this should become serious and intense like the Sun.

2-Nature is at its best during Basant Panchami

The god of love Kamadeva is also worshipped on this day. Basant Panchami falls in the spring season and nature is at its best during this season. All around us, we find flowers blooming and birds chirping. Nature is permeated by a cheerful mood and a lovely spirit. Yellow is the predominant colour of the flowers blooming during the spring season.

 Notably, all these god forms are associated with imparting wisdom. Hence we find that associating the yellow colour with Mother Saraswati has got a deep significance of portraying Mother Saraswati as the Goddess of wisdom. 

3-Ancestral worship

According to another belief, this festival is marked by the end of winter and welcoming of spring as 'Basant Ritu' means the spring season in Hindi. Pitru Tarpan (puja for departed souls) is performed and Brahmins are fed. Such acts done on Basant Panchami are believed to bless the performers and their families with long life, good health, progeny, wealth and happiness.  

Happy Basant Panchami and Shubh Saraswati Pooja

May our life be full of knowledge and prosperity and happiness.