Facebook junks ‘LOL’ app for children

Last Updated: Feb 08 2019 12:27
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San Francisco: According to the IANS reports officials said, Facing the flak from lawmakers and experts, Facebook has decided not to build a new app called "LOL" to let children share and post humorous meme content.

According to a report in CNET on Thursday, the company is restructuring a "youth team" of more than 100 employees.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement, "The youth team has restructured in order to match top business priorities, including increasing our investment in Messenger Kids,"

Facebook last month said it was experimenting with the "LOL" hub.

According to the multiple media reports, "'LOL' is currently in private beta with around 100 high school students who signed non-disclosure agreements with parental consent to do focus groups and one-on-one testing with Facebook staff,"

Facebook last month was found to be secretly paying teenagers $20 each, asking them to install a "Facebook Research" app that lets the company access personal data to know how they use their smartphones.

The company defended, saying it was only a research app.