India successfully launches communication satellite GSAT-31

Last Updated: Feb 07 2019 16:00
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India’s latest communication satellite GSAT-31 was successfully launched by European launch services provider- Arianespace’s rocket from French Guiana in the early hours of Wednesday.

A French territory located in the northeastern coast of South America, at 02:31 am (IST) stated, the satellite was placed into the orbit within 42 minutes of its launch from Ariane Launch Complex at Kourou.

GSAT-31 is the country's 40th communication satellite which is configured on ISRO's enhanced 'I-2K Bus', utilising the maximum 'bus capabilities' of this type.

It will also provide wide beam coverage to facilitate communication over a large oceanic region, comprising large parts of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, using a wideband transponder.