Budhanpur Minor’s rape case, 3 get 20 year imprisonment

Last Updated: Feb 01 2019 15:50
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In the 2016 rape case reported from Budhanpur village of Panchkula in which a minor was brutally raped while she was playing in the park, the local court has sentenced the accused named Lalit, Amit and Sunil to 20 year of imprisonment for committing such a heinous crime. The court has also slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on the accused.

The case was reported from Budhanpur area in 2016. As per the accusations, the accused had kept the minor victim captive in a room and gang raped her for three days. The accused have been held guilty under Section 376 G of the Indian Penal Code.

As a matter of fact, there has been a spurt in rape cases in Panchkula in the past years. As per the sources, 20 cases of rape were reported in 2016 and 19 cases in 2017 in Panchkula district. The figures have increased in the year 2018.