5 spectacular destinations for night treks in India

Last Updated: Jan 11 2019 15:01
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Most of the time we have tried our hands in trekking and must be aware of the reasons that make this adventure appealing.

Anyways! Do you ever wonder there were such places for night trekking in India?

This is where we step in, to guide you to places that will offer you an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

However, if you live in cities, where you are surrounded by concrete buildings, you should go for one of these treks and feel the difference. You should see the canvas up there at night brightened up by glittering stars, and the mesmerising panorama that it creates with clouds lit up with stars and moonlight.

1. Dhotrey Tonglu Trek


Tonglu is a-six-hour-trek that can either be taken during the day or at night but the sunrise at the Tonglu top is worth a watch. While others often go to the Tiger Hill for a night trek, you can go for a little offbeat trek that is equally picturesque and beautiful.

2. Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek

One of the most recommended trekking locations in South India and is one of the best for night trek.

You start this trek though Bannerghatta National Park, and the stunning views that await you once you reach the top are just out of the world.

3. Lahesh Cave Trek

This trek starts from Mc leod ganj which is around 10 km and it is one of the most beautiful night treks in India.

You can witness a heartwarming sunrise at Triund before marching off to another 5-hour trek to the enigmatic Lahesh Cave. The trek takes about 2 days and is moderate in nature.

4. Harischandragd Trek

One of the most popular and favourable trek in Maharashtra, this trek take to some of another level of trekking.

While part of this trek, you get the kick while passing through vast plains, water patches and the dense undergrowth.

These are the essential components that make this trek difficult but trust us it is definitely one of the treks that you should try definitely at once.

5. Rajmachi Trek

A tip, wake up on time and start your trek to reach Rajmachi Fort during the wee hours of the morning. The views up there will surely make up to your tiring soul.

You should definitely go for one of these treks.