Cricket is a team sport: Ben Stokes hits at Sanjay Manjrekar’s chef jibe

Last Updated: Nov 29 2018 17:31

CRICKET- England pacer Ben Stokes has hit back at former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar’s Chef Comment.

England recently thrashed Sri Lanka 3-0 to win a Test series, their first overseas series sweep in 55 years.

Following the win, Manjrekar posted, “So you have these hardworking chefs who have made a great dish. Someone comes and puts a little garnish on top and he gets all the credit. Moeen, Leach, Foakes are those poor chefs and Stokes the one with the garnish.”

After Stokes came to know about the tweet, he hit back at Manjrekar.

“We don’t care about personal credit,and garnish is pointless on all food anyways,we care about winning, it’s a team sport and we won as a team #3-0 Cheers Sanjay.”

Manjrekar did not keep quiet and replied, “Exactly my point! Hopefully certain people in your media also start thinking like this.”