Australia need to earn back respect: Katich reacts on Clarke’s message

Last Updated: Nov 28 2018 14:47

CRICKET- Former Australia cricketer Simon Katich has slammed Michael Clarke for his message to the Australian players, saying the team need to earn back the respect they lost in the wake of ball tampering scandal.

Clarke on Tuesday slammed attempts to improve Australian cricket’s reputation saying, “You don’t need to be best mates with everyone. Australian cricket, I think, needs to stop worrying about being liked and start worrying about being respected.

“Play tough Australian cricket. Because whether we like it or not, that’s in our blood.”

Criticizing Clarke, Katich said, “What’s been forgotten in all of this is we blatantly cheated and the reason we’re at this point now, and what led us to this point, and we talk about the line that was talked about for so long.

“The point is, we were caught for blatantly cheating and we have to rectify that as soon as possible to earn back the respect of the cricketing public in Australia and worldwide.”

Cricket Australia was severely criticized after an internal committee report pointed that the sporting culture in the cricket body is responsible for players’ on-field troubles.