Nikki Haley to join private sector- US President Donald Trump

Last Updated: Oct 11 2018 19:15

WASHINGTON- United States President Donald Trump said that Indian-American Nikki Haley, who announced her resignation as the US Ambassador to the UN, is likely to join the private sector and hopefully, make a lot of money

Donald Trump said as he profusely praised his top diplomat at the United Nations. Haley (46), the first Indian-American to hold a cabinet-ranking position in any presidential administration, tendered her resignation Tuesday, which Trump accepted.

"Nikki is going to be here until the end of the year. Nikki is our friend. She has been great. I want whoever it is to spend some time with Nikki before Nikki goes out and gets herself a job, and hopefully does -- she's going to make a lot of money. And I think Nikki will come back in some form too. But she's an extraordinary person, good person," Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

Haley said that she is taking a break after more than a decade in public life.

"There's no good time. I mean, there is be no good time. She told me about this a long time ago. And, frankly, it's almost four weeks. So, it's not that bad. No, I don't think so at all. I thought it was very elegantly done," Trump said. 

"If she waited until after, then they'd say, 'Oh, she?'. You know, if we win, they'd say, why is she doing it. And if we lose, they'd say, oh, well, that's obvious why she's doing it. Okay? So there's really no good time to do it," the President added.

At the Pentagon, Defence Secretary James Mattis said Haley had been a wonderful representative for the US. "She has been just a tremendous asset to those of us here in the Department of Defence," he said, adding that he worked very closely with her.

"We saw ourselves in many occasions collaborating together on how we would deal with certain issues, alongside the secretary of state. She's done yeoman's work up there, and I would just tell you that she may be moving on but losing our respect one bit," Mattis said.