Cleaners complain of used condoms, vomit inside offices of British MPs

Last Updated: Oct 10 2018 19:56
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According to a report, used condoms and vomit were found inside the offices of British MPs in Westminster Palace, leaving the cleaning staff ‘disgusted’.

“It’s the type of behaviour you would expect from students enjoying freshers’ week, not MPs and their staff, but cleaners are being confronted with vomit and used condoms in offices used by MPs and their staff,” according to The Sunday Times, quoting an unnamed source.

The cleaning staff was ‘disgusted’ and fed up with the condition, the paper said, adding David Natzler, the clerk of the House of Commons, is among those said to have received reports from “disgusted cleaners forced to clear up the debris left by partying MPs and their staff”.

The Times said that the House of Commons authorities are considering plans to introduce a new service agreement to force MPs and their staff to adhere to strict new rules about the appropriate use of their workspace.

According to a senior source familiar with the discussions, it added, failure to comply would result in sanctions being imposed against the worst culprits.