Tokyo Olympics will have a 51 member refugee team

Last Updated: Oct 10 2018 13:02
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OLYMPICS- International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved the participation of 51 refugees in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

At Rio Olympics, 10 refugees had competed. All these 10 are part of the 51 member team.

Yiech Pur Biel, a middle-distance runner from South Sudan, said, “We can expect much, in 2016 just we competed, now we are going not only to compete, if we can bring gold or even a final...”

“Competing with top athletes is a big challenge, but we hope we will do something in Tokyo 2020.”

The approval was given at the 133rd IOC meeting in Buenos Aires. The 51 athletes will participate in seven different sports, including karate and taekwondo.