Spectator at Ryder Cup loses eye sight after being hit by tee shot

Last Updated: Oct 02 2018 17:43
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GOLF- American golfer Brooks Koepka’s tee shot hit a 49 year old spectator at the Ryder Cup golf tournament on the opening day (28 September). The women, Corine Remande, has now said that she has completely lost sight in her right eye and is considering taking legal action against Koepka.

"Doctors told me I had lost the use of that eye," she told AFP.

"I didn't feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour. The scan on Friday confirmed a fracture of the right eye-socket and an explosion of the eyeball."

Mrs Remande praised Koepka, who went over to see how she was but was not happy with the tournament organizers, saying they never made contact with her after the incident.

She is thinking of filing a lawsuit to help cover medical bills.