US under no pressure for China trade deal- Donald Trump

Last Updated: Sep 14 2018 17:44
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The United States President Donald Trump said that Washington is under "no pressure" to achieve a trade deal with China as the prospect of new tariffs loom.

The comments come amidst reports the two sides could resume talks to fend off a third round of US tariffs.

China welcomed the offer of talks and said the two countries were discussing the details, according to reports.

The US has launched a trade war against China which could see all of its exports to the US subject to duties.

"We are under no pressure to make a deal with China, they are under pressure to make a deal with us," Mr Trump said in a tweet on Thursday.

"Our markets are surging, theirs are collapsing."

Trump said last week he could move "very soon" to impose tariffs on an additional $200bn (£153bn) worth of products with taxes on another $267bn "ready to go on short notice".

If both sets of tariffs go ahead it would mean virtually all of China's US exports would be subject to new tariffs.

"The [US] administration views tariffs as a way of getting the attention of the Chinese leadership and increasing their leverage at the negotiating table," Michael Froman, former US trade representative told the BBC.

"I don't think the imposition of tariffs are a wise move because it's a tax, it's a tax on the consumer ultimately. It's also very disruptive to companies who are trying to manage global supply chains."