Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan calls Inter-Services Intelligence country’s “first line of defence”

Last Updated: Sep 14 2018 17:41

Pakistani PM, Imran Khan called the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) the country’s “first line of defence” when he visited the headquarters of the powerful spy agency in Islamabad for the first time after assuming power.

On Wednesday, senior ISI officials briefed Khan and his senior Cabinet ministers on intelligence and national security matters, an official statement said.

“The Prime Minister lauded contributions of the ISI towards national security, especially in the ongoing counter-terrorism effort. The Prime Minister said that the ISI is our first line of defence and stands out as best intelligence agency of the world,” said a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media wing of the military.

Khan told ISI officials that his government and the people of Pakistan firmly stood behind the armed forces and intelligence agencies and acknowledged the “unprecedented achievements” of these institutions, said the ISPR statement.