Nasa all set to launch historic Solar probe mission

Last Updated: Aug 11 2018 13:51

SCIENCE- To unlock the mysterious of the Sun, American space agency NASA is all set to launch a satellite, one of the most daring ventures in its history.

Parker Solar probe will get into Sun’s outer atmosphere known as corona. No space mission has ever been made to go this closer to the Sun.

Scientists hope the satellite will be able to survive roasting temperatures above 1,000C.

Parker is scheduled to lift off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 03:33 local time (08:33 BST) on Saturday. Within six weeks, it will cross Venus and after another six weeks, the probe will enter Sun’s vicinity.

The satellite will make 24 rounds of the Sun over a course of seven years to study the atmosphere of the corona.

Explaining the distance between the probe and the sun, Dr Nicky Fox said, “Imagine the Sun and the Earth were a metre apart. Parker Solar Probe would be just 4cm away from the Sun.

"We'll also be the fastest human-made object ever, travelling around the Sun at speeds of up to 690,000km/h (430,000mph) - New York to Tokyo in under a minute!" she added.

Parker’s main aim is to help scientists understand how the Sun works.