China holding a million Uighurs in political camps, UN told

Last Updated: Aug 11 2018 13:14

A United Nations human rights panel has got credible reports that China is holding a million Uighurs in "counter-extremism centres".

Uighurs are a Muslim ethnic community mostly based in China's Xinjiang province, making around 45% of the local population.

Reports have been making rounds since past few months that Uighurs are being detained in Xinjiang, turning “the Uighur autonomous region into something that resembles a massive internment camp".

Gay McDougall, a member of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, during the start of a two-day regular review of China's record, including Hong Kong and Macao, highlighted, “We are deeply concerned at the many numerous and credible reports that we have received.

"There are reports of mass detentions of ethnic Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities," she said.

China has not responded to the new report but it previously denied the existence of such camps.