Delhi Half Marathon preponed to avoid smog and pollution

Last Updated: Aug 10 2018 17:44

SPORTS- The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will be held on October 21 this year as organisers bid to avoid the winter smog and pollution in the National capital.

“We are pleased that the Promoters have taken into account the feedback from Airtel, our customers and citizens at large and brought forward the race day to October 21,” said Ravindra Singh Negi, Bharti Airtel Delhi-NCR CEO.

“We hope this will help address some of the concerns relating to air pollution and the well-being of the participants and believe that all stakeholders need to continue collaborating and build on this positive initiative.”

The registration for the Half Marathon was opened on Friday and it would stay open till September 7.

Apart from the Half marathon, 35,000 participants will compete in four other race categories- Great Delhi Run (6km), Open 10K, Senior Citizens Run (4.3km) and Champions with Disability (2.4Km).