Despacito rapper Daddy Yankee robbed of 2 million euros

Last Updated: Aug 10 2018 16:54

MUSIC- Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee has reportedly been robbed of 2 million euros ($2.3m; £1.8m) worth of jewels by an impersonator.

A man posing as Yankee phoned staff at his Valencia hotel to open the room's safe.

Daddy Yankee whose real name is Ramon Luis Ayala and his entourage discovered the theft on Tuesday night and called the police. As per reports, two rooms were robbed, one with the safe containing the jewels and the other with thousands of dollars in cash.

The singer is known for singing popular song Despacito with fellow Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi.

He is currently touring Europe and will continue his tour with a performance in Martigues, France on Thursday night even as police investigate the theft.