Hollywood not happy with new Oscars ‘popular film’ category

Last Updated: Aug 10 2018 16:14

HOLLYWOOD- A day after The Academy announced the introduction of a new popular film category for upcoming February 2019 Oscar ceremony, Hollywood is not so enthusiastic about it.

Criticizing Academy’s decision, actor and writer Andy Richter said: "Finally the Oscars will be giving a statue based on popularity so that those poor mountains of box office money won't be lonely anymore."

"The film business passed away today," West Wing star Rob Lowe. "It had been in poor health for a number of years. It is survived by sequels, tent-poles, and vertical integration."

Apart from the new category, the Academy also introduced two more changes. The telecast of the ceremony will be cut shorter to cater to global audience and the 2020 ceremony will be held on February 9, two weeks earlier.