Costa Rica Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage ban

Last Updated: Aug 10 2018 15:20

SAN JOSE- Costa Rica Supreme Court has ruled against the same-sex marriage ban in the country, calling it unconstitutional and discriminatory.

In a late Wednesday ruling, the court gave the lawmakers 18 months to change the law and said that even if the legislature fails to take any action in the given period, the ban on same sex marriage will automatically come to an end.

President Alvarado, a former rock singer and novelist, welcomed the ruling, saying he wants to guarantee "no person will face discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity, and that the state’s protection be given to all families under equal conditions.”

Costa Rica is a majority Roman Catholic country and most number of lawmakers who oppose gay marriage sit on the legislative assembly. It is not going to be an easy task to get a law allowing same sex marriage to be passed.