Facebook wants support of tech industry to protect user data

Last Updated: Jul 27 2018 19:13

TECHNOLOGY- Social media platform Facebook which is under intense pressure to protect user data, says it can’t protect users’ data alone and needs support of the tech industry.

In a blog post on Thursday, David Baser, Director of Product Management at Facebook, wrote, “Even if we’re all taking steps to shore up our privacy protections, we won’t find the answers in a silo. Companies are connected and our technology ecosystem can’t be reversed. So we need to work together on standards and best practices to make data portability a reality while also prioritizing people’s privacy and security,”

Last week, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter announced that they will join the open source initiative called Data Transfer Project (DTP).

The data scandals left a deep impact on Facebook as the platform this month recorded its slowest growth in more than two years.