Landslide in Afghan village claims lives of 10, destroys 30 homes

Last Updated: Jul 12 2018 17:50

According to the officials, a landslide destroyed nearly 300 homes and claimed lives of at least 10 people in an Afghan village.

Officials said that 2 helicopters with a rescue team and emergency aid flew to the north-eastern province of Panjshir where the disaster hit on Wednesday night.

On Thursday said that top priority was to save those trapped in the debris after the landslide hit Peshghor village in Khenj district, Omar Mohammadi, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority.

Several regions of Afghanistan regularly suffer landslides when snow melts in the spring, but deforestation in some parts has increased their frequency.

His office in a statement said that President Ashraf Ghani, in Brussels for the NATO summit, ordered authorities to provide victims with necessary assistance.