US can’t reunite 27 children with their migrant families

Last Updated: Jul 11 2018 19:21

WASHINGTON- The US government has expressed its inability to reunite 27 migrant children with their families, claiming the children are not eligible for reunification.

The government had separated nearly 3,000 children from undocumented adults entering the US. But after massive outcry, Trump reversed the order and agreed to reunify the families.

A court order has asked the government to reunite children aged five and under by 10 July.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) and American Civil Liberties Union's (ACLU) also gave reasons as to why the 27 children could not be reunited with their families.

The parents of 10 children were being still held in criminal custody after crossing the US border without papers, and have yet to be fully assessed, said the report.

Eight other children's parents have a "serious criminal history" including narcotics, human smuggling, murder and robbery.

Two other children cannot be reunited with parents because of a possible threat of child abuse.

Five children had been separated from adults who were not their parents.