Sebastian Vettel triumphs at Silverstone after an intense race

Last Updated: Jul 11 2018 12:08

Sebastian Vettel came out victorious from Silverstone after yet another disappointing race for his championship rival Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, and that too at his home race. Hamilton firstly ended up having an appalling start and was quickly overtaken by Vettel and soon by Bottas and then got hit from behind by Räikkönen at the "Village" corner and ended up losing lots of places and falling back to last.

The drama also unfolded at the first corner “Abbey” when Sergio Perez lost control of his car and came spinning back onto the track just in front of the two Williams cars who had started the race from the pit lane and had just exited when Perez went spinning around in front of them. Räikkönen was given a 10-second penalty for his collision with Hamilton at his pit stop, which dropped him several places whilst an undaunted Hamilton recovered his way back up the grid.

"Yeah, obviously in the third corner I locked the wheel and I was behind the cars, so I ended up hitting Lewis in the rear corner, I oversteered, he spun, my bad, but that’s how it goes sometimes. It was not a straightforward race." - Kimi Räikkönen.

Sauber had an appalling afternoon when Charles Leclerc ended up pulling over after a problem from his pit-stop after a consistent point scoring streak for the last three races and Marcus Ericcson lost control in his car going through the first corner “Abbey” and went into the barriers at high speed dramatically. Once the safety car pulled in, the race resumed and it began to get close between Bottas, Vettel, Hamilton, Räikkönen, and Verstappen with each involved in battles. Until Romain Grosjean crashed into Carlos Sainz at high speed and almost making Carlos Sainz airborne when going through “Copse” corner, which caused both of them to retire and once again caused another safety car to come out.

But this time once the race did finally resume, Vettel and Bottas were fighting it out closely, as Vettel made several daring overtake attempts until he finally got it right and made a stunning overtake on Bottas. However, Max Verstappen lost out to an impressive battle with Räikkönen and began to slow down, before spinning out and having to retire just a few laps from the end of the race with a mechanical problem.

Gasly and Perez were fighting for the last points place finish (10th place) on the penultimate lap of the race, however, an overconfident Gasly launched a move on Perez and hit him and shoved him off the race track. The stewards handed Gasly a five second time penalty after the race, which demoted him from 10th place to 13th place. Meaning Perez would finish 10th.

But Vettel came to cross the line, getting his fourth victory of the season so far, Ferrari’s first victory at Silverstone since 2011 and his first victory at Silverstone since 2009. Hamilton came to finish in second with Raikkonen in third, Bottas in fourth and Ricciardo in fifth.

“I was as well going into the race but it was fine. I think with all the adrenalin going… probably I will feel it a little bit tonight. It doesn’t matter. It held up. The race was fantastic; we got a great crowd. A race I enjoyed a lot, I think the people enjoyed it a lot, really an amazing day.” - Sebastian Vettel

“Well, the team did an amazing job this weekend and we’ve got so much support but so much pressure for us all. Interesting tactics, I would say, from their side but we will do what we can to fight them and improve in the next races, but I’m just so grateful for all the support we had here.” - Lewis Hamilton