Fate of bike taxis still hangs in balance, no policy measures undertaken

Last Updated: Jul 10 2018 19:39

The Pillion taxis service that started with a great hype in the city beautiful, had yet to meet the targeted guidelines. It has been more than a year when the draft policy was put before the State Transport Authority (STA), but it has failed to fetch the aggregators for the policy. Amid this the fate of the policy hangs in balance with one side of it is the STA and on the other is the UT transport department which is yet to take the final call as if they should continue with the policy is just discard it.

In the draft policy the aggregators had also mulled for the employment of a few female drivers. Ensuring the safety of women was the prime motive of the draft police. However, it is still meeting dirt being kept in files.

As a matter of fact, keeping the hygiene issue in mind, the UT Administration has shelved the proposal, citing road safety issues and potential health hazard of a single helmet being used by several passengers. Meanwhile, the bike taxis are already in functioning in Mohali. In July last year, the Punjab government had launched its flagship scheme ‘Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar’ by flagging off bike taxis in Mohali in partnership with Uber.