Matter of concern, more youth committing serious crimes in Chandigarh (NewsNumber exclusive)

Last Updated: Jul 09 2018 17:50

The rise in violent incidents, including hit and run, snatchings, robbery, murders etc on the streets of Chandigarh has prompted a wave that the why the involvement of young people in committing such crime is increasing in the city. Starting from drug smuggling to chain snatchings and gang wars, the youth is more prone to the heinous crime in the city. The youth ageing from 21 to 24, are more prone to such crimes.

In the latest case, in the robbery case at Sector 33 where a vendor was robbed of Rs 13,000 also involved the 4 accused who are suspected to be in their early twenties. Young children from poor families, drug addicts and youth fascinated by luxurious life are mainly involved in such incidents. Apart from this, in the past incidents pertaining to the rape and assault cases against women, many young lads have been arrested.

Moreover, the increasing disparities and reduced employment opportunities, has been the apple of discord. The prevailing scenario of consumerism, glitter and glamour in cities and the growing chasm between the haves and have-nots hurt the psyche of uneducated youth. They indulge in criminal activities. The government need to create employment opportunities for youth to reduce the crime rate. Improved coordination between the law enforcement agencies of the UT and adjoining states is needed to nab criminals.