Death toll in Japan floods reaches 104, 56 missing

Last Updated: Jul 09 2018 18:51

TOKYO- Authorities on Monday said that the death toll from devastating floods resulting from torrential rains pounding Japan has increased to 104, with 56 others reported missing.

As per the reports from Efe news, the rains since July 5, especially in the western prefecture of Hiroshima and the southwestern prefecture of Ehime, caused floods and landslides that destroyed thousands of houses and completely cut off several towns.

In Hiroshima Prefecture, at least 42 people lost their lives in the accidents caused by the heavy downpour and another three were seriously wounded.

According to the latest official figures, another 23 people lost their lives in Ehime.

Government spokesperson Yoshihide Suga said that some  73,000 troops of the Japan Self-Defence Forces, police and firefighters are still working on search and rescue operations.