Ronaldo’s rumoured move to Juventus angers Fiat workers

Last Updated: Jul 07 2018 18:49

FOOTBALL- It is understandable if Ronaldo’s rumoured move to Italian club Juventus angered Real Madrid, instead the reports of Fiat workers being not happy with the deal has come forward.

As per reports, the workers of car company Fiat, which owns shares in Juventus, are not happy with the rumoured deal. They are angry because apparently Fiat has money to sign Ronaldo but has not given the workers a salary hike in about a decade.

Ronaldo is reportedly being offered €100 million fee for a four-year contract, with seasonal earning amounting to €30 million every year after tax. 

Dino Zoff, the former Italy coach has other opinion. He said, “[The Ronaldo signing] would be very important for Italian football, and for Juve to have him in their team. Italian football would be getting back the very top players, like 10 or 15 years ago. Cristiano could help Juventus win the Champions League again, although it is not something mathematical.”