Zayn Malik mentions Gigi Hadid break up in new Beyonce cover

Last Updated: Jul 01 2018 17:30

MUSIC- Singer Zayn Malik on Saturday night dropped a surprise track, a cover of Beyonce’s famous “Me, Myself and I”.

The choice of the song has made everyone wonder about his relationship status with model Gigi Hadid with whom he apparently reconnected after a break up. Me, Myself and I is a classic break-up song, a declaration of independence and a promise to yourself that you won’t be hurt by someone else again.

“Me myself & I, it’s all I got in the end / That’s what I found out,” he sings. “And it ain’t no need to cry I took a vow that from now on I’m gon’ be my own best friend.”

Zayn also confirmed that he will soon release his second album.