Real men don’t play football: Australian tennis great

Last Updated: Jun 14 2018 16:28

FOOTBALL- Australian tennis great Pat Cash has given a controversial statement just before the start of FIFA World Cup.

Cash, while referring to Australian Rules called it a real man’s support, thus implying all other sports are not what real men engage in.

He tweeted, “#worldcup approaches here some highlights from one of the #greatest in a real man’s sport #afl. They don’t call him “SILK” for nothing. (No rolling around on the ground trying to cheat a free kick from this man).”

Cash was talking about Aussie Rules hero Shaun “Silk” Burgone who will play 350th game of his career this weekend.

As expected, Cash’s comments did not go down well with football fans.

“A ‘real man’s sport’ like tennis? Funny that, as historically tennis has been seen as the sport kids play when they can’t handle contact sport. Anything to stay relevant though, hey @TheRealPatCash,” said one fan.