We had a great party after the World Cup final: Guptill

Last Updated: Jul 20 2019 13:51
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CRICKET- New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill has opened up about the mood in the dressing room after the iconic World Cup final which they lost to England.

Guptill admitted that the mood was quite somber and they felt disappointed but the team was soon able to appreciate that they had produced one of the "greatest games" in the history of the sport.

"The support that we had from back home and even around here, and what you see on social media, everyone just loved the game, whether they were cricket watchers or not," Guptill said. "Everyone was all over the game and they loved it and it was just a shame for us about the result.

"We actually had quite a good party," he added. 

Many fans believed that New Zealand should have been declared a joint winner with England as they lost the match on a boundary rule after scoring equal runs in the 50 over innings and then in the super over.