Dutee Chand’s mother refuses to accept her gay relationship

Last Updated: May 20 2019 19:42
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ATHLETICS- A day after Dutee Chand became the first Indian athlete to openly admit that she is gay and is in a relationship with a younger girl from her village, her mother Akhoji Chand has said that she will never accept her relationship.

"Dutee wants to marry a girl, who is the daughter of my niece, so she is my grand-daughter. In this relation, Dutee will be like a mother of that girl. Then how will it be possible in our society in Odisha," Akhoji told ANI.

"I told her (Dutee) that I cannot accept this. She told me that the court has given the order. When I asked which court has given you such order, she told me that High court. I told her that I'm alive here and you are bringing orders from the court. She told me that yes court has given order and all the mentors are supporting me.”

Dutee was hailed on social media following her brave revelation.