Ecuador’s plastic bottles for bus tickets program becomes a big hit

Last Updated: Aug 23 2019 15:15
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QUITO- The government of Ecuador has started a program that allows public transport users to exchange recyclable plastic bottles for money to buy bus tickets.

The innovative program was launched by Guayaquil’s city administration two months ago and so far more than 24,000 plastic bottles have been collected.

For every plastic bottle deposited at a newly installed machine, passengers get two cents which they can spend on buying bus tickets.

The only glitch in the current system is that machines pay out cash in exchange of bottles which means passengers can use the money for other purpose than buying tickets.

Guayaquil’s bus transit system, Metrovia manager Leopoldo Falquez says they are working on new software that will directly recharge bus passes in return of bottles.

Also, there is only one machine in use at present and plan to install a dozen more is in works.