Cathay Pacific staff speak of the climate of fear over protests

Last Updated: Aug 22 2019 19:42
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Cathay Pacific employees say that they fear losing their jobs if they express support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

According to the BBC, the employees of the airline told that the staff feared working routes to mainland China.

Some are considering bringing decoy mobiles with them in case their phones are checked on arrival in the mainland.

It comes weeks after China demanded the airline suspend staff involved in the protest movement.

Earlier this month, Cathay Pacific fired two pilots over protest-related incidents.

One cabin crew member who wished to remain anonymous told the BBC: "We try not to talk about politics during a flight because you don't know which colleagues are at your side. The company says that we should not support the 'illegal' protests.

"So if somebody who is pro-China finds out you went to the protest, they find some way to report you to the company. Maybe not for a political issue but for some safety issue that might mean you lose your job. So we are not able to talk in the flights."