Iran seizes two UK linked tankers, UK expresses concern

Last Updated: Jul 20 2019 14:32
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TEHRAN- Iran has seized a British flagged tanker in the Gulf amid soaring tensions.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps seized a British oil tanker Stena Impero and a Liberian-flagged ship in the Strait of Hormuz On Friday though they freed the second one later.

A spokesman for Iran’s Guardian Council has suggested that the seizure was in retaliation for the British seizure, off Gibraltar, of a tanker carrying Iranian crude earlier this month. 

On its part, UK authorities said that ship was heading toward Syria in violation of sanctions.

UK officials demanded the immediate release of Steno Impero and have warned of "serious consequences" if the situation is not resolved quickly. As per reports there are 23 crew members on board the ship some of whom are Indian, Russian, Latvian and Filipino.