The US House of Representatives condemn President Trump's attacks on congresswomen as racist

Last Updated: Jul 17 2019 19:26
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The United States of Representatives voted to condemn President Donald Trump after a series of attacks aimed at four congresswomen.

The symbolic resolution denounced Trump's "racist comments that have legitimised fear and hatred of New Americans and people of colour".

Trump had been accused of racism and xenophobia for telling the members of Congress to leave the country.

The president has since tweeted: "I don't have a Racist bone in my body!"

Tuesday's debate in the Democratic-controlled chamber was a highly polarised debate, with various Republicans insisting the vote itself was a breach of decorum.

It passed by 240 votes to 187.

Four Republicans and the House's sole independent, former Republican lawmaker Justin Amash, joined all 235 Democrats to approve the resolution.