2 Indian-origin men guilty of leading drug gang in the United Kingdom

Last Updated: Jun 13 2019 15:56
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On Wednesday, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said that a gang described as “extensive” and led by Baljinder Kang and Sukhjinder Pooney that supplied ‘Class A’ drugs and laundered millions of pounds in illicit profits, has been dismantled.

The gang led by Tilbury-based Kang and his right-hand man Gravesend-based Pooney used encrypted smartphones as well as unregistered ‘burner’ phones to direct its activity, the NCA said. Both were arrested on January 31, 2018, and have now been convicted.

“Members of the crime group trafficked millions of pounds worth of illegal drugs across England. The proceeds were then deposited in cash into front company bank accounts, before being transferred to a destination account in Dubai,” the NCA said in a statement.

During the investigation, officers seized more than £1.4million in cash, with at least £1.8 million more known to have been laundered by the criminal network.

Kang pleaded guilty to all charges against him, as did money launderers Amir Ali and Aminoor Ahmed. They will be sentenced at a later date. John Coles of NCA said: “This investigation has systematically broken up a significant criminal organisation which operated across the South East, West Midlands and into the north of England.”