Man charged with murder of Dallas transgender woman

Last Updated: Jun 13 2019 15:03
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Police in Dallas, Texas said that a man has been charged with murder after the fatal shooting of transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker last month.

According to the officials, Kendrell Lavar Lyles, 34, has also been charged with the murders of two other people.

Booker's killing caused an outcry and highlighted the issue of violence faced by transgender people in the US.

Weeks earlier, she was assaulted during a traffic accident and video of the incident was shared on social media.

In a statement, Dallas police said Lyles was charged with Booker's murder after he was arrested on 5 June in connection with the other two killings.

The victims have not been named. Neither was transgender, the Washington Post quoted police as saying.

As per the police statement, mobile phone analysis indicated he had been in the area where she was picked up as well as at the scene of her murder.

"Muhlaysia Booker was last seen getting into a light coloured Lincoln LS, which is the same type of car driven by suspect Lyles," the statement said, adding: "Thus far... Lyles has been charged with three counts of murder.

Police have not suggested a motive for the killings.

Detectives said Mr Lyles was also a "person of interest" in the death of 26-year-old Chynal Lindsey, a transgender woman whose body was found floating in a Dallas lake on 1 June, the Washington Post reported.