Eiffel Tower evacuated after man tries to scale it

Last Updated: May 21 2019 20:01
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On Monday afternoon, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, was evacuated after a man tried to scale it. 

The monument on the Champ de Mars was also closed to visitors. The media office of the monument said that the unidentified individual tried to climb up but it wasn’t clear how high he had managed to go, as per local news agencies reports.

Taking to Twitter, the official handle of the monument tweeted that the monument "is currently closed until further notice". It advised visitors to postpone their visit. "The Eiffel Tower is currently closed until further notice. We kindly advise our visitors to postpone their visit," tweeted LaTourEiffel.

The surrounding streets were locked down. Specialist firefighters were on the scene, Reuters reported quoting a police spokeswoman. "The man entered the tower normally and started to climb once he was on the second floor," a spokeswoman for the tower`s operator told Reuters.